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Qile Mountain Scenic Area

ile Mountain Scenic Area mainly reflects the traditional culture and natural ecology of Nanchong, which is composed of Majestic Qile Temple, a famous holy land of Buddhism in Northeastern Sichuan, Feixian Stone representing the wonderful legend of Immortalization of Xie Ziran, and Shunlu Uprising Site where the Bashu Revolution started. Its attractions also include Qingfeng Pavilion, Fengtao Pavilion, Zixia Pavilion, Shifeng Pavilion, Feixian Cave, Shunlu Uprising Site, Qile Ancient Village, Loufengshi Gate, Crane Pond, Palm Garden, Woyun Corridor, Wind Power Station, and Xishan Stone Inscriptions. Xishan is just like a colorful painting, endowed with scenery and landscapes everywhere, making tourists relaxed and happy and feel reluctant to leave.