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Xishan Introduction


Xishan Scenic Area located in the western suburbs of Nanchong, Sichuan Province covers an area of 24.2km². The peaks of Xishan last for more than ten li, just like a green barrier embracing the west of the city and the summit Qile Mountain is at the altitude of 480.7m. The Xihe River passes by the mountain foot, forming wonderful nature scenery of mountain, water and city, reputed as “the places of interest in Sichuan Province”.

Xishan Scenic Area is composed of three major scenic areas, i.e. Wanjuan Tower, Kaihan Tower and Qile Mountain, integrating natural ecology, Three Kingdoms culture, and Northern Sichuan customs. Xishan Scenic Area is an ideal place for enjoying the beautiful scenery of Nanchong, a park for leisure and fitness and the destination for “Origin Exploration Travel of Three Kingdoms Culture”.

Wanjuan Tower Scenic Area is an attraction of Three Kingdoms culture themed by the life of Chen Shou and the Records of the Three Kingdoms. Wanjuan Tower, the place where Chen Shou, a famous historian of the Western Jin Dynasty and the author of Records of Three Kingdoms read and pursued his studies, was firstly built in the Jianxing Years of Kingdom Shu of Han. Wanjuan Tower is of a history of more than 1,700 years and is reputed as the destination of “Origin of Three Kingdoms, Journey of Wisdom”.

Kaihan Tower Scenic Area mainly reflects the history and culture of Nanchong, which is composed of Kaihan Tower in memory of Ji Xin, a general of Han, who devoted himself to cheat Chu and opened the chapter of Han, 200m Xishan Gallery with stone inscriptions reflecting the history and culture of Nanchong, and Zhongquan Waterfalls and Yiqu Canal.

Qile Mountain Scenic Area mainly reflects the traditional culture and natural ecology of Nanchong, which is composed of Majestic Qile Temple, a famous holy land of Buddhism in Northeastern Sichuan, Feixian Stone representing the wonderful legend of immortal Xie Ziran, and Shunlu Uprising Site where the Bashu Revolution started. Xishan is just like a colorful painting, endowed with scenery and landscapes everywhere, making tourists relaxed and happy and feel reluctant to leave.