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Wanjuan Tower Scenic Area

Wanjuan Tower Scenic Area renowned both at home and abroad is located at the foot of Yuping Mountain, covers a land of more than 500mu, and more than 30 scenic spots. Wanjuan Tower, the place where Chen Shou, a famous historian of the Western Jin Dynasty and the author of Records of Three Kingdoms pursued his studies and lived in seclusion, was firstly built in the Jianxing Years of Kingdom Shu of Han. Ganlu Temple was built in front of the tower in the Tang Dynasty, forming an architecture cluster and it was relocated to the foot of Guoshan Mountain in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Current Wanjuan Tower was relocated and constructed in 1991. Wanjuan Tower has magnificent triple pavilions, high platform, winding corridor, red eaves, and grey tiles, with ancient styles of Han and Wei Dynasties. The main contents of three pavilions are Chen Shou's Life, the main content of Records of Three Kingdoms and its influences, and cultural relics and art treasures of the Three Kingdoms. 2,000 historical materials, more than 1,000 books, and more than 500 cultural relics are collected here with very high historical and academic values and artistic and ornamental values. Down the steps of Wanjuan Tower, there are low and winding courtyards, lofty watchtower, green stones, bubbling spring, small bridges, streams and brooks, just like the origin of the culture of Three Kingdoms. In the former residence, indoor exhibits of a farming-reading family in the Wei-Jin periods are simulated, showing Chen Shou's family background, the life scene of Chen Shou who hardly studied in his hometown for 27 years and cultivated moral characters; the comments of emperors and ancient literary historians to Chen Shou are recorded here and this residence is a must-to-go place to explore the origin of the culture of Three Kingdoms. Opposite to Chen Shou’s Former Residence, there is Qiao Zhou Memorial Temple built in memory of Qiao Zhou, a teacher of Chen Shou; the temple is composed of Gate, Corridor, Main Hall, and Qiao Zhou’s Tomb behind the Main Hall, covering more than 300m2 with dignified halls and green trees, ancient and solemn.

Chen Shou, with style name of Chengzuo, a famous historian in the Western Jin Dynasty, was born in an official family in the west side of Anhan in 233AD. He was smart and nimble and wrote delicate proses when he was young. At the age of eighteen, he went to Chengdu Imperial Academy and learnt from Qiao Zhou from same county. Chen Shou became an official in Shu Kingdom at the age of twenty two and undertaken the positions of secretary of General of the Guards Jiang Wei, Dongguan Secretary, and Huangmen Assistant Minister. After Chen Shou’s father died in 260AD, he returned to his hometown and observed mourning for his father for three years. In 263AD, Shu Kingdom was conquered by Wei Kingdom and Chen Shou continued to live in seclusion and study classics and history. In 268AD, Chen Shou became an official of the Western Jin Dynasty and undertaken the positions of National History Compiling Official, Pingyang Marquis, and Compiling Censor. In 297AD, Chen Shou was promoted to be Crown Prince Chamberlain and died of disease in Luoyang at the age of sixty-five.

Chen Shou was matter-of-fact about the studies, integral, persistent and cared the country and the people; he is an outstanding representative of ancient intellectuals in China and a famous historical and cultural celebrity in the world. The Records of Three Kingdoms wrote by Chen Shou is called “First Four Books of History” with the Records of the Grand Historian, History of the Han Dynasty, and History of the Latter Han and Chen Shou enjoys the reputation of “As Good As Sima Qian and Ban Gu”. The Records of Three Kingdoms advocates the people based thought, attaches importance to the farming industry, advocate thrift and simple burial, and advocates the use of the wise and cherish the talents. The Records of Three Kingdoms, a magnum opus of historic significance, derive the Three Kingdoms Culture, which is influencing the world; the Three Kingdoms Culture formed by the Records of Three Kingdoms is the essence in the treasure house of Chinese culture and its influences go beyond the time, space, and national boundary; it takes a unique and important position in the culture history of the world. With the rich connotations of Three Kingdoms Culture, Wanjuan Tower is reputed as the destination of “Origin Exploration Travel of Three Kingdoms Culture” and Journey of Wisdom.

The festivals themed by Three Kingdoms Culture that are held every year include Grand Spring Festival Temple Fair, lunar March Three Mountain Climbing Festival and Three Kingdoms Culture Festival. Around the theme of “Origin of Three Kingdoms Culture”, various rick tourism and culture activities are held all the year around, such as welcoming ceremony, Acting as Chen Shou Writing Three Kingdoms, and reading of famous Masterpieces of the Records of Three Kingdoms.