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Multi - pronged approach to enhance the scenic landscape
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Nanchong City Xishan Scenic Area Authority to further enhance the image of the scenic area, improve the scenic tourism function, in the relevant district leaders in person in person under the guidance of the scene, invited experts to track the whole guide, carefully control the "classification and assessment of tourist attractions" and "Sichuan Provincial tourist scenic spots to enhance the quality standards "" tourist peak season tourist attractions to meet the standard "" Sichuan Province wisdom scenic construction norms ", sort out the problem, find the weak links, develop practical rectification and upgrading program.



Leadership and expert investigation, to study the rectification program

In accordance with the rectification and upgrading programs, refine the rectification list, a clear rectification objectives, the implementation of rectification responsibilities, the relevant responsible departments in close cooperation with the formation of rectification together, scenic transformation to enhance the overall orderly advance. Scenic spots and time race, through three months of rectification, scenic tourism, tourism facilities, tourism, shopping, tourism services and comprehensive management, and achieved initial results.


Xishan arch in the renovation


Scenic Wisdom Tourism Integrated Management Platform to mention the file upgrade


Scenic road motorway transformation upgrade completed


Square pavement maintenance is completed


The third bathroom is under construction


Scenic area toilet rectification is completed


Replanting and replanting landscape plants


Landscape attractions refurbished

The next step, the Western Hills Scenic Area will further integrate the power, add measures, pay close attention to implementation, to change to promote construction, to consolidate the scenic base, rich scenic connotation, improve the scenic area, beautify the scenic environment, improve service levels, and strive for the public and tourists More comfortable and safe tourism environment, to create a "three countries of the source of wisdom trip" tourist destination.