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Within the strong quality of the tree image
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Nanchong Xishan Scenic Area Administration Bureau in order to enhance the overall quality of service scenic spots, in strict accordance with the annual cadre workers learning and training programs, for the actual area, in the organization of staff to participate in political theory, professional ethics and other public subjects training, but also focus on different positions, different business Field to carry out the fire, safety management, scenic quality classification and assessment of the new standard interpretation, service etiquette, scenic training services and a series of special training and learning.


Series of training designed to further strengthen the safety management and prevention, to maintain a safe and stable tourism environment; to improve their own safety awareness and maintenance of the lives of tourists and property safety capacity; advancing with the times, a comprehensive and accurate understanding and implementation of scenic quality level division and To assess the new standards; from the basic knowledge of the service etiquette, words and deeds to improve service skills, from respect for people's ideology consciously be a proficient, ritual, and rituals infected with the staff. From the professional point of view of the high demand for training instructors, and establish a good image of the window of the instructor.




 Please go to the teaching of the teacher in the field of Dr., the domestic tourism industry well-known experts, fire professional lecturer, the top ten experts and so on. Participants include Nanchong Xishan Scenic Area Authority, the overall management of the organs and the scenic area of all staff, covering quality, marketing, safety, tour guides, health, environmental protection, and other comprehensive business training. Learning and training using meetings, teaching, interpretation, exchange, interaction, on-site exercise and other flexible forms, the scene enthusiastic response, good learning effect, improve the level of management, and enhance the scenic tourism practitioners safety, environmental protection and Service awareness, within the strong quality, outside the tree image, and further improve the overall quality of service workers.




Nanchong Xishan Scenic Area Administration has a set of effective training management, assessment system, set up a training leading group, developed a staff training system. Through the staff of the relevant training to improve staff awareness and sense of service, increase the cohesion and combat effectiveness, but also for staff to provide a good platform for growth.




Nanchong Xishan Scenic Area Administration of the staff training and education as a basic and regular work to grasp. At the beginning of the year to develop annual training program, to take experts to focus on teaching, internal training, going out, please come in a variety of forms of management and service personnel for comprehensive training. Training has become the Xishan Scenic Area to enhance the overall quality of service a strong grasp!