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Taiwan teachers and students first went to the scroll to explore the "three countries culture" source
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July 5 at 5 pm, 3 from Chengdu, the tourist bus arrived in Nanchong West Mountain Scenic Area million rolls of scenic spots, 121 teachers and students from Taiwan, China officially opened the "Eighth Taiwanese Tianfu summer camp and the three countries cultural tour "


On the "Three Kingdoms Cultural Tour" full of expectations

Participated in the activities of 121 teachers and students, respectively, from Taiwan Hsinchu County, Kaohsiung City, Changhua County and other places of the school. "Three countries culture" in Taiwan well-known, before the activities of teachers and students that the activities of the "Three Kingdoms" theme are very excited, think of the field visit to understand the "Three Kingdoms" birthplace million rolls, Fly has been guarding the ancient city of Langzhong, listening to the story of the Three Kingdoms, we are very much looking forward to this trip.



Taiwan teachers and students feel Nanchong "Three Kingdoms"

Wanqu floor scenic area is the first stop in Nanchong, it is the "Three Kingdoms" author Chen Shou study, scholarship place, not only the national 4A level tourist attractions, provincial-level scenic spots in Sichuan Province, is also the "Three Kingdoms Culture" International Academic seminar permanent venue, with its beautiful natural scenery and heavy historical and cultural heritage to attract tourists around. In addition to visit Wanliao Lou, Taiwan teachers and students will visit the ancient city of Langzhong, Zhang Fei Temple and other cultural attractions, to participate in the three cultural lectures, and Nanchong students exchange learning, fully appreciate the customs of Nanchong and the Three Kingdoms culture.



Nanchong activities, the longest content of the most substantial

Although the day the weather is very hot, but the million rolls of scenic area, tree-lined, flowers, always reveals a coolness. From Taiwan's teachers and students under the leadership of the instructor, visited the Qiao Gongci, Chen Shou old home, Wan Juan Lou Pavilion, etc., every one attraction, we all listen carefully, and have come up with the camera, mobile phone camera group photo. A half hour trip to let them on the volume of the volume and the "Three Kingdoms" have a more profound understanding of the origin.



"Taiwan students Tianfu summer camp" activities have been successfully held for seven sessions, the activities not only promote the Sichuan and Taiwan young people in-depth exchanges, but also to enhance the friendship between the two students, I believe that through these days of exchange study, Sichuan will give them an unforgettable memory.